for US clients. 


Since 1983, InstaFund has been a leader in the private property mortgage industry. We provide professional property equity loan services to mortgage brokers in the Greater Vancouver area.

Over the years, we have served many US-based clients with an interest in investing and owning properties in Canada. We provide full mortgage lending services to our US clients, and our experts are happy to discuss a suitable approach for your needs.


InstaFund provide all kinds of premises yield mortages.


Whether you are looking for a loan for an investment condo or vacation home, or if you need a loan business or construction project.

We offer the most affordable rates and rates according to your needs with professional, flexible and easy to apply services.


We offer a wide range of lending options:

Housing Loans

  • Single-family house

  • Multi-family house

  • Income-generating property

  • Property that failed to generate income

  • High-priced house

  • Land

  • Dividing small plots of land

  • Construction engineering

Commercial building loan

  • Mixed use of multi-family and commercial buildings

  • Office building

  • Hotel

  • Downtown Single Room Property (SRO)

  • Retail store

  • Industrial building

  • Consolidated land

We are the solution to cross-border lending


When you can't get the answer you want from the bank on cross border purchases, contact us. We can solve your immediate needs in a faster and more convenient way.

We can offer $50,000 to $20,000,000 first and second mortgages based on the house's net worth. In other words, you can use your home's net worth for mortgage loans simply and quickly.

As a direct lender based in Vancouver, we can tailor your mortgage to meet your needs - no proof of income and relatively loose credit requirements: including one, two and comprehensive loans.

We are trusted by real estate agents, lawyers, accountants and mortgage brokers; other professionals working in the financial industry or in the banking sector will also refer clients directly to us.


For the best and easiest experience in Canada funding needs, contact us.








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