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For instant funding.


Since 1983, InstaFund has been a leading source of private mortgages in Metro
Vancouver. In that time, we’ve been hanging our hat on one very important
Differentiator; we fund fast. 

Whether it’s an equity mortgage secured by a home, a construction loan or a commercial building, we structure loans with the borrower’s needs in mind. And from the easy application process onward, like our name says, we do it – you guessed it — quickly.


finances all types
of real estate.


Residential Equity Loans

Borrow funds – quickly – for any purpose, by tapping into the equity that’s already in your property. Or purchase property without the hassle of income qualification.

Land Financing

We lend on all categories of land development, including single-family home sites, commercial/residential land assemblies, and residential subdivisions.

Commercial Mortgages

We can arrange funding for any kind of commercial property.


Construction Financing

From the first draw to the last, when it comes to handling the unique needs of a construction project, we can handle it.


We do everything faster.
Quotes, commitments,
and of course, funding.


Fast quotes. A simple process. And firm commitments. For over 30 years, we’ve
been funding mortgages hand-in-hand with brokers like you. We’re all about low
rates, low fees, and professional service that’s always timely.

In fact, while our typical turnaround-time is only three to five business days, we
can fund in as quickly as 24-hours, if needed.  We also prepare disclosures and
distribute fees fast. It’s a simple equation: closing more deals equals happier customers, equals successful brokers.